How to save more for retirement? Start by thinking about increasing your income. ways to get it

Saving for retirement is a good idea. But, not always our income allows us to save what is necessary. We show you five ideas to increase them.

When we talk about retirement savings we should not just think of necessary products such as retirement plans . Generally, the best possible advice is to diversify our savings . But our income does not always allow us to save everything necessary for retirement.

If you have already calculated how much you will stop earning when you retire you are probably considering looking for new income.

These complementary income would allow you to increase your saving capacity . We are going to offer you some ideas, but, of course, you can incorporate those other ideas that best suit what you need, and what you can do.

Share what you know and charge for it

Share what you know and charge for it


Sharing knowledge can be an interesting source of income . Both from the point of view of private education, and taking advantage of new communication channels.

From platforms that allow you to offer courses taught by you, to simple channels on social networks such as YouTube. They may not be automatic income, but, with good content and consistency in the medium term, they can provide regular income .

Sell ​​what you do not need

Sell ​​what you do not need


We tend to accumulate many more things than we really need. Maybe, selling those things you don’t need does not allow you to constantly enter money in the long term. But, it can be a good injection of money to, for example, make an extraordinary contribution to savings products .

Currently you will find a large number of platforms on the Internet for this type of sales . The best thing is that in a market as globalized as the current one, almost any type of product, as rare as they may be, can have a place and demand.

From specific sales to establish real virtual stores . Internet sales platforms are a good source of complementary income that you should consider.

Search for options on the internet

Search for options on the internet

They are very reviled, but the truth is that they exist. On the Internet there are many possibilities to earn money . The problem is that they will never be large quantities and require a lot of perseverance.

On the other hand, it is true that there are and have existed, platforms that have not met their subscribers and generated a bad image of this type of operations. Even so, today, the environment is much more regularized and is much more reliable.

You just have to search the Internet to find options to earn money in a real and honest way. From surveys, to viewing ads, reading e-mails, and even playing or participating in certain simple tasks.

It’s about locating those that best fit our schedules, and, contrast that they are reliable and pay their subscribers. Remember that it is about generating small income constantly.

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