Know the Main Types of Insurance for Your Company

You will now know the main types of insurance that are most important to your organization’s risk mitigation and protection strategy.

When designing a company employee benefit plan, it is important that you consider, among several options, to ensure the safety of a number of areas of your employees’ lives.

Knowing about the specifics of each one, it is possible to define which of them really are valid to offer to the future collaborators, in order to guarantee a greater permanence of them in the company. Know the main types of insurance that exist and evaluate which should enter into the contract of the corporation’s employees.

Importance of insurance

 Importance of insurance

Insurance, as the name itself says, arise in order to secure something, be it material, such as residences or immaterial (health, life). In this way, the insured or beneficiaries indicated may be reimbursed in case of damage or problems in these areas.

With this there is a minor concern with problems that may happen, which makes collaborating more quiet and focused on your work.

For example, those who have health insurance will rest assured that in case of illness, they can have prompt and efficient care and work with fewer headaches.

This is also a gain for the company. A health care worker, by having quality care, can return to work faster and return to normal productivity.

That is, everyone wins. And this holds true for other types of insurance, as you will see below.

Main types of existing insurance

 Main types of existing insurance

There are several types of insurance on the market that may be essential not only for company employees, but also as an indication for the responsible manager to include in the corporation. Know the main of them:

Health insurance

Health insurance is one of the most known, valued and offered to employees. Its importance is fundamental, as we speak, to ensure the well-being of the worker and prevent him from losing productivity in case of illness.

It can be done in two ways: reimbursement of consultations and procedures or the use of a network agreement (health plans).

Car insurance

Responsible for ensuring the beneficiary in case of problems with your car – whether car or motorcycle – guarantees compensation, service and / or repair in case of theft or theft, accidents that cause damage to the vehicle and third parties, fire or explosion.

Damage caused by flooding, floods and floods, in addition, assistance 24 hours, car reserve, …, among other coverages.

Life insurance

Guarantees reimbursement to relatives or beneficiaries in case of death of the insured.

It also allows the temporary incapacity guarantee, which guarantees your income when you can not work due to illness or accident. There are also some models which guarantee a value to be paid in case of permanent incapacity of the person.

It is important because, in cases of death or disability, there is an abrupt drop in family income and it will ensure that they can have extra income until normalization of the situation.

Residential insurance

Related to the residence, it guarantees that in case of damages, both the minor ones and those of greater proportions, can be reimbursed. The extent of the covered damages may be decided by the insured in acquiring the insurance.

The residential insurance also offers assistance to the residence such as: Locksmith, Electrician, Plumber, Unclogging, Hunting Leak, Concert of Refrigerator, Cooker, Freezer, Microwave, Installation of clothesline, PET Consult, among others coverings.

Travel insurance

Good for those traveling constantly or for those who spend time outside the country.

It guarantees medical care, air transportation in case of emergency, compensation for death or disability, among other benefits. It also covers treaties such as Schengen.

The right choice of the best types of insurance

The right choice of the best types of insurance

After all, how do you decide which of them should be included in the benefit plan prepared by the HR area? Is it worth including all of them or not?

Normally, because of its importance, health insurance should be included to guarantee the well-being of the employee.

Life insurance is another that is very present in the benefit plans and has higher priority in case of vacancies that generate greater risk of death.

The others must be thought mainly in function of the work done. For example, if your employee will spend time out of the country, it may be worthwhile to include travel insurance.

If he uses a company car, it is worth adding the automotive to avoid damages to it.

Another important is dental insurance that has a low monetary value and is highly valued by employees.

The dentistry collaborates with the containment and reduction of the claims of the health care contract, as it fights systemic diseases.

That is, for other situations, it is important to evaluate case by case, deciding what should be included or not.

It is worth the company to make available the access to the other personal insurance, such as the automobile and residential of the employees through the affinity program where the discount is the differential and becomes a benefit that is only obtained by being part of the company’s staff.

We cite the main types of existing insurance that are found in the market and which are most relevant to the employees of the company for which it works.

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