Who finances my project with crowdlending?

Crowdlending is the participatory financing system that puts investors in direct contact with people who need financing . And this investment can be allocated to companies (peer-to-business or P2B) or individuals (peer-to-peer or P2P), depending on the type of project and the kind of platform that manages the activity.

So if you are thinking about asking for a loan and you already know the benefits of crowdlending , you just have to know who your project investors might really be.

In the case of P2P financing, which is where Gradmend participates, those who finance the applicants’ personal projects are always private investors . People who, like you, want direct and transparent contact .

The type of person who invests through crowdlending is characterized by having savings that they want to make a profit in a collaborative way , that is, hoping that they also report benefit to another person and not to a financial entity. And what better benefit than helping you fulfill your dreams?


We can talk about accredited and non-accredited investors

We can talk about accredited and non-accredited investors

Distinguished by the financial assets they own. In the case of natural persons , accredited investors are all those who have an income level of more than € 50,000 per year or who have a financial support of more than € 100,000. The rest of the investors are considered as non-accredited and have certain investment limits (annual and per project).

In crowdlending, the investor uses the digital platform to invest in one or more projects, with the amount that he considers most appropriate in each of them, according to the interests that will be paid for that investment and the term in which he wants retrieve it

Crowdlending has no intermediaries . And what benefits does this situation report? Well, for the borrower, some installments with less interest; and for the investor, quite the opposite: more profit percentage for their investments .


Why your project?

Why your project?

The importance of the emotional factor in the collaborative economy is undeniable, the trend that is revolutionizing the way people consume and manage resources between people. Share instead of own. When it comes to financing personal projects, it is even more important for the investor to know in depth what are the circumstances that have led you to apply for the loan.

And the raison d’être of participatory financing is that other people help you to fulfill your dreams, to carry out your projects. For this reason, when you submit your loan application in Gradmend, you must describe in detail what your personal project is and exactly what it is . The more information you provide, the more reasons investors will find to be part of your project.

Do you already know how to count your project to invest in you? Join the Gradmend crowdlending platform and start making your dreams come true .

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